Thursday, 8 August 2019

Protect our jobs and rights

A message from unionstogether:

Brexit means…?

The Government are going to have to make choices about their priorities as they negotiate Brexit. 
Will they push for full access to the single market, to protect the many jobs that depend on our trade with the EU? Or will they accept that access being restricted, or subject to tariffs, putting those jobs at risk? 
Will they guarantee each and every one of our rights at work, now and in the future? Or will they leave open the possibility they could be unpicked, one by one, in the years to come? 
Add your name now to back the campaign to protect our jobs and rights, through Brexit and beyond. 
A week ago, Labour MP Melanie Onn put forward a Workers’ Rights Bill, seeking to give the strongest possible legal protection to all the rights that we currently get from being part of the EU. 
Despite their warm words on protecting workers' rights, the Tories not only failed to back it - they 'talked it out', stopping it even being debated.

Those rights at work were hard-won over many years, and now we need to protect them for future generations. 
Will you join us? 
The vote for ‘leave’ was not a vote to put jobs and workplace rights at risk. That’s why we are going to be campaigning to protect our jobs and rights, through Brexit and beyond.

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