HERA and Job Evaluation Vacancies

We are looking for more people to join our team of reps who deal with job evaluation and the Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA) evaluation scheme that sets the grades of our posts. This role would suit people who would enjoy meeting members and finding out from them what their jobs involve. It also involves learning about the HERA scheme and using the HERA rules and role descriptions to come up with job evaluation scores for job descriptions and members' jobs.

Why time is required?

The time required for this role would involve a commitment at the beginning to learn about the scheme: probably a couple of half day training sessions, plus opportunities to attend grading panels and meetings as an observer. 
There would be a regular commitment to review HR evaluations of job descriptions. This might take up to 1 hour per fortnight (once you're familiar with the scheme) and could be done at your desk.
There would be less regular, occasional, opportunities to represent members who want to query their grade and their job evaluation. This would involve meeting members to discuss how their job relates to the HERA scheme and, if necessary, supporting them through the appeal process. I would provide support as required for this for new reps.

Do I need to be a trained Steward?

You don't have to be a trained UNISON steward to become a HERA rep - but we would expect you to go on the steward's training course at some point (and this would help you with this role).

If you would like further information or would like to talk about what this might involve, without committing yourself to anything, do get in touch with me.

You’re also welcome to contact me if you have questions about the grading of your job.

Katie Hambrook
Headington Library
Tel: (01865) 483146

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