Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Branch Annual General Meetings

UNISON members are entitled to attend without loss of pay. Advise your line manager now that you plan to come!

Tuesday 28 March at 2.00pm in J116, Wheatley Campus

Wednesday 29 March at 10.30am in Westminster Square Students Union Bar, Harcourt Hill campus

Thursday 30 March at 9.30am in the Brookes Union Hall, JHBB, Gipsy Lane

At the AGM you can:
  • Vote for stewards and officers
  • Hear about and discuss next year’s pay claim and other crucial issues affecting your work life
  • Pick up information and free UNISON merchandise
  • Take part in a free raffle to win lots of prizes including wine and chocolate!

For questions or issues about permission to attend, please contact Jon Appleton, jappleton@brookes.ac.uk or 01865 48 3196

Live tweets/posts check  #AGMBrookesUNISON on Twitter and Facebook on Thursday 30th March to get all the latest updates. Also we will be using Facebook Live visit @BrookesUnison

Raffle prizes

Member survey 2017

Monday, 27 February 2017

Immigration detention costs lives

As part of our activities for One Day Without Us, Brookes UNISON hosted a talk from Gill Baden of Close Campsfield and the Bail Observation Project.

She described for us the horrendous uncertainty and stress caused to detained migrants, and described how and why migrants are detained, the human cost in separated families, stress and distress, the great risks to the lives of those who are deported, and the enormous cost to the taxpayer of detaining migrants who could be working and living in the community.

There are five categories of detainee:
  • refugees and asylum seekers deemed "failed" (people who have fled war zones and persecution, but whose stories are not believed); 
  • "overstayers" - typically people whose visas have run out or been reclassified, who often didn't even know they were here illegally;
  • people with criminal convictions, who are punished twice by being deported as well as imprisoned;
  • detainees who have asked to go home, but whose deportation is delayed;
  • stateless people; there is no country to send them to, or there is a nationality dispute.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

We are all migrants

As promised, here are the other messages of solidarity with migrants that were posted on our pin-board on Monday for One Day Without Us.

Diversity enriches us all!
We welcome you

We are all migrants

We are all part of one world -
solidarity with migrants is essential in the political climate today.

I am a migrant. I love this nation and I make a contribution.
We're stronger together.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Talk and stall for One Day Without Us

I will be posting more photos of members' messages of solidarity with migrants on the blog soon, so watch this space!

We also had an excellent and very informative and moving talk from Gill Baden of the Close Campsfield Campaign and the Bail Observation Project, which I will be writing about soon.

In the meantime, here are some excellent photos of the One Day Without Us stall taken by Beverly Sesay.

Keely on the stall

Messages of solidarity

The banner

Yvonne and Keely on the stall

Monday, 20 February 2017

One Day Without Us - more messages of solidarity

Our One Day Without Us display board is filling up with even more messages of solidarity with migrants...

Messages of solidarity

Having travelled all over the world, where I have always been so welcomed - wherever - I would love to repay all immigrants with an enormous welcome to the UK. Many thanks.

Life would not be the same without Maggie & Chris's fantastic coffee & customer service!

One Day Without Us - messages of solidarity

Our One Day Without Us event is going really well. Lots of people stopped by the stall to have a chat, pick up a leaflet, and leave a message of solidarity with migrants.

At a time when we are being pulled apart - let's stay united

Migrants bring diversity and enrich the culture of Britain

I love migrants because we teach each other about our big wide world 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Actions you can take in support of migrants

From Unison's e-update:
Lobby your MP and take part in the 'One day without us' actions to defend the rights of UNISON members from other EU countries

Tens of thousands of UNISON members moved to the UK from elsewhere in the European Union and work hard to provide vital public services, especially the NHS and local government.

These union members and their families deserve better than years of uncertainty and being reduced to bargaining chips in the forthcoming negotiations on the UK’s exit from the EU.

A number of actions are taking place across the country on Monday that you and your members can help with.

UNISON is helping to organise a lobby of MPs in Westminster, alongside campaign groups the New Europeans and the3million. We are also supporting campaign group One Day Without Us in celebrating the contribution that migrants, from the EU and the wider world, make to British society.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Migrant solidarity event

Gill Baden from the Campaign to Close Campsfield and End All Immigration Detention will be speaking on migrant solidarity

in Music Room G11 at Headington Hall

on 20 February 2017 from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

as part of Brookes Unison's One Day Without Us event

Contact Yvonne Aburrow - yaburrow@brookes.ac.uk - for more information.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

One Day Without Us event

Brookes Unison is taking part in One Day Without Us, to express our solidarity with migrants.

20 February is the day to remind everybody that immigrants add tremendous value to the culture and economy of this country.

The rise in hate crime and the anti-immigrant rhetoric from both the Leave campaign and the post-referendum government have caused alarm and despondency among both immigrants and people who support an open and inclusive society.

Proposals regarding what will happen to immigrants from both inside and outside the EU have created an insecure situation and will have a massive negative effect on the UK economy and the HE sector.

We will be having a stall in the JHB Building Forum from 10 till 4. All members are encouraged to come along to find out more and (optionally) be photographed for a gallery on our blog celebrating diversity and highlighting why we believe that immigration adds value to Britain's culture and to the economy.

We will also have information about the UNISON support group for EU citizens who may be adversely affected by Brexit. And UNISON has produced a comprehensive guide for EU citizens affected by Brexit.
One Day Without Us is a National Day of Action on 20th Feb 2017 to celebrate the contribution of migrants to the UK, to coincide with UN World Day of Social Justice.
For 24 hours, we are inviting migrants from inside and outside the European Union, and everyone who supports them, to celebrate the contribution that migrants make.
Some may choose to do this symbolically, by wearing badges and lanyards, posting selfies or pictures that show your support, or putting posters in their windows. Some may wish to have a communal meal or a party with the migrants they have known as friends, colleagues, workmates and neighbours. Workers may take a five-minute silence or a mini-rally at lunchtime or tea-time.
There are also those who may wish to highlight migrant contributions to the UK in more direct ways. Some may prefer a march or a rally. Others may decide to stop work or leave their classes for ten minutes or an hour or the whole day.
There are many ways that you can take part in this day. Do what you feel able to do and what you feel is most appropriate to your situation.
Whatever your nationality and place of origin; wherever you live and work, join us and make February 20 a day of protest, solidarity and celebration.
At 1pm we are inviting all migrants and their supporters to take part in a unifying action. Link arms and/or hold up placards. Take photos and post them on social media using our hashtag #1DayWithoutUs. We also invite you to take selfies individually before and after this action and post them with your personal messages of support using the hashtag.
We are millions. Let us stand together and show it.Let’s reject the politics of division and hatred.Let’s make tomorrow better than today.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Union-sponsored Lunchtime showcase for LGBT History Month

part of LGBT History Month 2017
Monday 20 February 12:00 pm
JHB 201, Headington Campus

Learn about the various projects, research, partnerships and engagement work that is being undertaken by Brookes staff relating to equality, diversity and LGBT+ inclusion. A series of short talks followed by an informal gathering over lunch (provided by UNISON and UCU).

Book online

Email for more information jane.butcher@brookes.ac.uk

Lunchtime event poster (PDF)

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Invitation to Oxford City & Oxfordshire County AGM

All members of our branch have been invited to Oxford City and Oxfordshire County UNISON branches AGMs on the afternoon of Friday 17 February. At 4 pm on that day the two branches are coming together in the Assembly Room at Oxford Town Hall for some refreshments and an opportunity to hear Dave Prentis and Maggi Ferncombe who will both be speaking.

All members are very welcome to come along to enjoy the social and speakers if they can make it.

Date: 17th February 2017

Time: 4pm

Place: Oxford Town Hall

Refreshments will be provided