Friday, 16 June 2017

2017 Pay Offer

The employers have made a final offer of an increase of 1.7% or approximately £365 a year whichever is the greater. This means that everyone at Brookes on Grade 6 or above would get 1.7% while staff on lower grades would get between 2.43% (at the very bottom) and 1.7% at the top of Grade 5. Apart from a very few staff who are on Grade 1, our lowest paid staff are on Grade 2 and people at the top of Grade 2 would get £364 per year which is a rise of 2.19%.

To put this in perspective, average pay rises across the country are currently 1.7%, (although as the public sector is still capped at 1%, this means that private sector pay is rising by more than 1.7%) and inflation (as measured by the Government’s fiddled CPI) is 2.9% - the more realistic RPI figure is currently 3.9%. Both CPI and RPI are predicted to rise further as the year goes on, so will be still higher when the rise is implemented in August.

Positive features of the offer:
  • It gives (slightly) more to the lowest paid
  • It means that many/ most staff (at Brookes and nationally) will be earning more than the Foundation Living Wage
  • It is more than public sector workers will be offered
  • It is more than we received last year

Negative features of the offer:
  • In real terms (i.e. taking account of inflation), it is actually a pay cut for everyone
  • Instead of redressing many years of pay cuts, it cuts real pay further
  • For Oxford Brookes, it does nothing to address the high cost of living in/ around Oxford
  • There is plenty of money in the HE sector if the employers wanted to offer a fair pay rise

UNISON’s National Higher Education Committee has considered the offer and is clear that it is the best that can be achieved by negotiation (in other words, that it will only be improved by a sustained national campaign of strike action). They are now consulting all UNISON members to find out what members want UNISON to do. The other unions are consulting their members.

UNISON and the other Trade Unions have worked hard to get the best deal that can be obtained just by negotiation. However the national employers have decided, yet again, that they can get away with making a pitifully inadequate offer. The decision is now yours. The choice is very simple – either you will decide that we should accept the offer (no doubt, very reluctantly and resentfully) or you will decide that you are prepared to join in a campaign of strike action to improve the offer. THERE IS NO THIRD CHOICE. Voting to reject the offer if you are not prepared to take part in strike action will NOT achieve an increase, will undermine the credibility of the negotiators in future negotiations, will cost the union time and money that could be better spent on achieving other things and will delay the implementation of offer, inadequate though it is. ABSTAINING IS NOT AN OPTION. Not voting at all is the worst of all worlds. A low response will leave the negotiators having to guess what members want, again putting them in a very weak position against the employers and likely to go down a road that is not what members want.

If you have any questions about the offer, either contact your steward or come to one of the meetings (details enclosed). If you want to make any comment about the offer, come to one of the meetings.

The Consultation Process

Every member will receive either a paper ballot paper or a link to an electronic ballot. In each case, the process requires you to give your p-number. This is solely to stop anyone voting more than once and will NOT be used to identify which way anyone voted (but votes where no p-number is given will NOT be counted).

You can vote using our online ballot paper – it will automatically capture your p-number and will not allow you to vote more than once. Please ensure you vote before 1.00 on Monday 3rd July.

Meetings to discuss the Pay Offer will be held on:

  • Wheatley Campus - Tuesday 20th June 2017, 1pm - 2pm in room EL20
  • Headington Campus - Monday 26th June 2017, 12pm - 1pm in JHB 128 (Exec suite)
  • Harcourt Hill Campus - Tuesday 27th June 2017, 10am - 11am in Westminster (SU) Bar
  • Swindon campus – contact Aaron Worsley (3135/ 5104 –

Please make sure you vote. It is a very difficult choice to make but only you can make it. It is not fair on the negotiators and undermines the position of us all if people do not vote – because it leaves the negotiators having to guess and weakens them (and hence us) when they meet the employers.

See also the Pay Offer leaflet from Unison PDF

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