Wednesday, 22 February 2017

We are all migrants

As promised, here are the other messages of solidarity with migrants that were posted on our pin-board on Monday for One Day Without Us.

Diversity enriches us all!
We welcome you

We are all migrants

We are all part of one world -
solidarity with migrants is essential in the political climate today.

I am a migrant. I love this nation and I make a contribution.
We're stronger together.

Being connected with so many cultures allows us to collaborate and spread ideas like never before.

I am an immigrant - let me stay.
Thank you

Without migration we wouldn't be able to support each other's economies

How boring life would be without cultural diversity

We need migrants!

It is also One World Week at Oxford Brookes, so Union Square was decked with the flags of many countries to celebrate the diversity of staff and students who work and study here.

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