Monday, 20 February 2017

One Day Without Us - more messages of solidarity

Our One Day Without Us display board is filling up with even more messages of solidarity with migrants...

Messages of solidarity

Having travelled all over the world, where I have always been so welcomed - wherever - I would love to repay all immigrants with an enormous welcome to the UK. Many thanks.

Life would not be the same without Maggie & Chris's fantastic coffee & customer service!

I am a migrant too. From Italy. Teaching Organisation Studies.

It is a HUGE MYTH that we are "original" of one place. The history of the world is the history of migration (way before Anglo-Saxon times...) I support collaboration and co-operation between humans.

Diverse population makes a diverse culture

Migrants work hard and bring culture & diversity!

Let's accept one another & everyone is equal! Love one another! xoxo

Curry without migrants wouldn't be the same. Nom nom.

We are all migrants on this earth. Love migrants.

I am a migrant and I make a contribution!

One day without migrants and the NHS would fall apart.

Migrants are friends and family.
Migrants are colleagues.
Migrants are valuable.
We are so grateful for migrants! 

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