Monday, 20 February 2017

One Day Without Us - messages of solidarity

Our One Day Without Us event is going really well. Lots of people stopped by the stall to have a chat, pick up a leaflet, and leave a message of solidarity with migrants.

At a time when we are being pulled apart - let's stay united

Migrants bring diversity and enrich the culture of Britain

I love migrants because we teach each other about our big wide world 

I'm an immigrant in the UK. I came here because I was in love of UK / its culture.
I was feeling at HOME here... till Brexit arrived. Don't know where's home any more...

One day without migrants would be very boring and everything would fall part

Migrants welcome, borders don't matter

My family and loved ones are migrants and I stand in solidarity with them

Brookes BME officer is in solidarity with migrants

Migrants are awesome because they bring diversity - and I'm married to one

Our One Day Without Us stall

The post-it notes of solidarity 

I am a migrant

I am an immigrant and I think immigrants bring diversity in any organisation

We matter. We make this country a better place!
(from a Dutch European who's been here 24 years!)

A lot of people from other countries keep this country together
and if Britain didn't have them it would fall apart.

I am a migrant.
I love this nation and I make a contribution.
We're stronger together.

I am a migrant! I feel they enrich the country they go to.

Without migrants, the UK would be much more boring.
I never really thought of myself as a migrant but I am!
Better Together!

If my parents had not moved here, I may not have been born.
Or if I was, I wouldn't be the person I am today.
Born and raised in UK, parents moved from Nigeria.

Diversity makes the world a more interesting place! xx

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