Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Actions you can take in support of migrants

From Unison's e-update:
Lobby your MP and take part in the 'One day without us' actions to defend the rights of UNISON members from other EU countries

Tens of thousands of UNISON members moved to the UK from elsewhere in the European Union and work hard to provide vital public services, especially the NHS and local government.

These union members and their families deserve better than years of uncertainty and being reduced to bargaining chips in the forthcoming negotiations on the UK’s exit from the EU.

A number of actions are taking place across the country on Monday that you and your members can help with.

UNISON is helping to organise a lobby of MPs in Westminster, alongside campaign groups the New Europeans and the3million. We are also supporting campaign group One Day Without Us in celebrating the contribution that migrants, from the EU and the wider world, make to British society.

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