Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Report from UNISON Black Members training

By Beverly Sesay

I attended the UNISON Black Leadership & Motion Writing Course on the 16th - 18th September 2016, at a hotel in Eastbourne and this was my first ever UNISON training. It was a very useful, engaging and welcoming weekend, and was aimed at all black members. We arrived on Friday evening and after registering we had the opportunity to get to know each other and learn about other branches that the other members were from. This was very useful as I was able to meet other members in the Oxfordshire area and we were able to share ideas and knowledge.

The next day we got a chance to learn all about UNISON and we then took part in workshops on leadership skills, what makes a good leader and motion writing skills. This session was quite engaging and I learned a lot. We spent the rest of the weekend practising how to put together motions to raise at UNISON’s National Black Members Conference in January. This was done in a very supportive and friendly environment and we all felt confident about writing motions that we can present to the National Black Members conference in January.

I had the opportunity to present a motion, which I wrote with two other members, to the rest of the group. This motion was regarding the lack of career progression of Black workers and one of the action points of the motion was for the National Black Member Committee to work with the National Executive Committee to campaign to increase Black career progression in all workplaces. I am pleased to report that this motion has been submitted to the National Black Members Conference by the South East Region and it is now on the agenda for the conference in January.

If any black members of the branch would like to go to any training or conference next year, please let us know at unison@brookes.ac.uk. The cost of the training and transport is met by the branch, and all food, accommodation and childcare facilities are included. If you would like to get more involved in UNISON in some other way, please email unison@brookes.ac.uk.

I would thoroughly recommend it to any black members who are interested in their union or black members issues.

For all UNISON courses run by the South-East Region see: http://www.unisonsoutheast.org.uk/union_education

You can also contact Paula Luckett in Headington Library who is the branch Education Co-ordinator (ext 3145).

The branch will normally pay for you to attend UNISON training courses to help you fulfil your role in the branch but also to support your personal development. If you would like to attend a course, contact unison@brookes.ac.uk.

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