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One Day Without Us - 20 February 2017

One Day Without Us - 20 February 2017

What is it?

A day when all workers who were born in another country take the day off to remind everybody that immigrants add tremendous value to the culture and economy of this country. It will be on 20 February 2017, which is also the UN World Day of Social Justice.

Why is it needed?

In the aftermath of the referendum vote, a huge spike in the number of hate crimes was reported - a 42% increase.

Recently the government has advocated that companies should list how many foreign workers they employ.

LSE academics of non-British origin have been rejected by the Foreign Office as advisers on Brexit.

The rise in hate crime and the anti-immigrant rhetoric from both the Leave campaign and the post-referendum government have caused alarm and despondency among both immigrants and people who support an open and inclusive society.

Proposals regarding what will happen to immigrants from both inside and outside the EU have created an insecure situation and will have a massive negative effect on the UK economy and the HE sector.

What’s happening?

If you will be directly affected by the government’s proposed anti-immigration measures, especially if you were not born in the UK, you are urged to take a day off on 20 February 2017.

Brookes Unison Branch will have a stall in the JHB building with more information on showing solidarity with migrants.

There will be a lunchtime event with a speaker from Asylum Welcome or Close Campsfield, and Hope not Hate.

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